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All of our Project Managers or Senior Consultants have more than 15 years of relevant business experience.

Digital Transition

We are the experts for your Digital Transformation, with a focus on SAP S/4 HANA © Analytics & AI !

Some information about our history, our teams and partners 

Our Company's DNA

acceleron suisse was founded by 5 SAP Principal Consultants and SAP Project Managers as a service company in the SAP © Analytics and ERP area. In 2018, the company was reshaped and several senior executives were joining the company and set-up the second business unit with a focus on Digital Transition and new Digital Solutions like IoT, Cloud and AI. In addition, a professional partner network was built up and is now transformed to a Digital Ecosystem. For our premium partners, we are offering our Strategic Account Management Services.

From 2019 on, a new management consulting unit was established with a focus on management services, which are needed for the digital transformation. Certainly, there is no aim to compete with larger management consulting companies, but as a kind of "hinge" between business and technology, our management services are exactely tailor-made for the purpose of digitalization.

In the shadow of the Corona crisis in 2020, we streamlined our portfolio and are focusing on the S/4 HANA and Analytics platform from SAP©, the cloud solution Azure© from Microsoft and reporting solutions like Tableau©, Microsoft Power BI© and SAC©. Regarding CRM, we implement and use Salesforce© for our Stategic Account Management Unit.

In 2021, we will release our first products with the help of our investors. We are developing new digital solutions, platforms, mobile apps and products with the help from partners in North America, India and Far-East.

Our research is focused on programs for the encryption and analysis of big data in the cloud - and in future maybe with the use of quantum computing.

On the brink of a new digital age

Our Business Pillars

acceleron suisse has 4 Business Units, which complement each other seamlessly. Let us guide you through our personal customer experience scenario across the various pillars.

Digital Transition

Management Services made-to-measure for your digital projects

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Digital Innovations

Our Digital Solutions in the area of Robotics, new digital platforms, etc.

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S/4, Analytics, Big Data, AI

From Analytics & CRM to AI, Big Data and Quantum Computing ...

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Strategic Account Mgmt.

Not only for suppliers, but for IT, serving their business departments

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Let us help you to get up-to-date with an introduction and comparison of the latest innovations

Important Technologies at the stage of Digital Age


  Analytics & Big Data

How to expand your Data Warehouse into a Big Data Warehouse ? And even more important is, how to analyse mass data effectively and securely in the Cloud ?


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 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ... What is useful for which scenario ?  What exactly are the differences ?


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  Cloud Computing

The sheer amount of Cloud solutions is almost unmanageable. Let us help you to get first an overview about the best solutions on the market.


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Internet of Things

IoT is becoming more and more popular. We are focusing on IoT for health & environmental solutions.


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Blockchain is more than a hype. For our new products and scenarios, we use hyperledger from open source.


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  Cyber Security

No data is save any longer ! Moving your data or parts of it into the cloud is inseparably connected with cyber security - our new Unit in 2021.


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Regardless of the size of the consulting company, the experience and the expertise of every single consultant counts most. When you start a new project, who do you call first ?

At acceleron suisse, our consultants are all minimum 15 years in business, and managed complex and large scale projects.

Also our business partners are not chosen randomly - we just partner with excellent solution providers and market leaders with a specific expertise for our key technologies.





Consulting Packages

Today, almost every few months a new sensational product is announced. Very often, it is just old wine in new skins. Before taking the wrong decision, let us inform you, what is really new and worth to think about it. For this reason, we offer specific presentations and workshops for every new topic on the market.

Project Management Office Support

Get support from our top assistents

- 10+ Years in Business

- Accounting, Project Controlling

- Project Method certified (Prince2)

- Agile certified (Scrum)

- Time sheets

- from CHF 500 / day onsite

- from CHF 395 / day remote

CDO in a Nutshell

Half day or one day Management Summary of a CDO program

- Analytics, AI & Big Data

- Blockchain, Cyber Security, IoT

- Design Thinking methods

- Digital Business Model

- Digital Transformation

- Law

Digital Transformation

Management Consulting -      Starter Package

- First Analyis of your landscape

- Get an insight about what is possible

- Get an insight about what makes sense

- Presentation with 360 Degrees approach

- Includes  2 Days with preparation/rework

- For Decision Makers

New Webinars on Monday, November 23, 2 p.m. CET

Your Path to Digital Transformation

Please join our New Webinar for Digitalization around three carefully chosen topics on November 23 at 2 p.m. CET:

  • Vom Business Modell zur Enterprise Architektur - Christian Schnell, Senior PM Horváth & Partner AG
  • Digitale Strategien (english) - Javier Macineiras (US) CDO

  • Digitale Business Modelle - Jürgen Roider CDO, Co-Founder

Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei für Sie. Bitte registrieren Sie Sich unter – oder auf unserer Homepage unter Info/Contact.

acceleron suisse

acceleron was founded by 5 partners with a business background of twenty years each. Every consultant is highly skilled and well known in the Swiss market.

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New Webinar Digitalization on November 23 at 2 p.m.

November 1, 2020

Remote Services & Webinars

Have a look at our beststeller "Remote PMO Services" as an outcome from the Corona crisis.

October 15, 2020

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