Moving to S4

Moving to S/4 HANA

A typical S/4 HANA system conversion takes about 8 months in the average according SAP SE 2020 ©, a typical new full suite implementation in the average 11 - 14 months. This shows already the increase in speed compared to older versions.

With the help of available SAP tools, a transition will be much easier – have a look at below checklist:

  • Use SAP Transformation Navigation
  • Use Roadmap Viewer
  • Use Readiness Check 2.0 for SAP S/4 HANA ©
  • New Implementation or System Conversion?
  • Plan some test conversions before
  • Check Simplification Items
  • Get familiar with SAP Fiori ©
  • Get familiar with SAP Solution Manager ©
  • Process for System Code Conversion (SW Update Manager)
  • Get rid of old system code by usage of old TAC´s
  • Archive where possible
  • Downtime scenarios
  • …. and more

When it comes to the business, think about following topics:

  • Use a trial-system to get familiar with S/4
  • Prepare a change process management
  • Involve Business as early as possible
  • Set-Up trainings for key-users
  • …. and more

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