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Climate Challenge 2020

Climate protection is a world-wide challenge and not a topic for some companies, states or organizations.

Everybody can contribute and help to become a better planet. Our way is to develope new, smart ideas with the help of young people and digital natives. The reason is, that they are more nonbiased than people, who are for example 10 or more years in the middle of the rat race.

Please send us your ideas, also on a sheet of paper. We will choose the best ones for new digital models. 

Please note, that this initiative is postponed until autumn 2020 due to the Corona crisis ....

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acceleron was founded by 5 partners with a business background of twenty years each. Every consultant is highly skilled and well known in the Swiss market.

Artifical Intelligence 

acceleron and Dataiqu corporate in the area of AI in Switzerland

Oct 14, 2019

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Have a look at our beststeller "Remote PMO Services" as an outcome from the Corona crisis.

May 15, 2020

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9050 Appenzell (AI),  Weissbadstrasse 14


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