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Digital Customer Journey

Our CRM experts have worked more than 10 years in Sales and know the challenges of a successful customer experience by heart.

Unlike the past, companies don't want to use their CRM system any longer as an address database. The need is to increase the customer database and to gain new customers.

It simply depends to develope customer specific journeys, which need first a clear understanding of the customer business and processes. It is not sufficient just to add a new tool and an access for different departments to store their various customer data.

Before starting such a project, also the right software needs to be evaluated. Please have a look to our Management Consulting Service "Tactical Comparison" for your preparation.

acceleron suisse

acceleron was founded by 5 partners with a business background of twenty years each. Every consultant is highly skilled and well known in the Swiss market.

Artifical Intelligence 

acceleron and Dataiqu corporate in the area of AI in Switzerland

Oct 14, 2019

Remote Services & Webinars

Have a look at our beststeller "Remote PMO Services" as an outcome from the Corona crisis.

May 15, 2020

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9050 Appenzell (AI),  Weissbadstrasse 14


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