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acceleron suisse was founded already in 2014 by two IT consultants with both more than 15 years experience.

In 2018, some Developers and SAP Project Managers joined acceleron. The company was reshaped and we set-up the second business unit with a focus on Digital Transition and new Digital Solutions like IoT, Cloud and AI. In addition, a professional partner network was built up and is now transformed to our Digital Ecosystem.

From 2019 on, a new management consulting unit was established with a focus on management services, which are needed for the digital transformation. Certainly, there is no aim to compete with larger management consulting companies, but as a kind of "hinge" between business and technology, our management services are exactely tailor-made for the purpose of digitalization.

In 2020, most of our revenue was generated by implementing S/4 HANA and Analytics platform from SAP ©, acting as program managers for brownfield or greenfield scenarios for on-premise or cloud installations.

Our preferred cloud solution is Azure© from Microsoft in combination of reporting solutions like Tableau©, Microsoft Power BI© and SAC©. Regarding CRM, we implement and use Salesforce© for our Stategic Account Management Unit.

In 2021, we will release our first products with the help of our investors. We are developing new digital solutions with the help from partners in North America, India and Far-East with an emphasis on AI and Cyber Security.

Our research is focused on the analysis of big data in the cloud - and in future maybe with the use of quantum computing.