Membership Program f. Independent Consultants

What is the difference with ACA

Probably every independent consultant has experienced already the situation: no new orders, when a project is finished and a new one has to be found. Not everybody has a large, single customer for a lifetime. So, this situation could be very challenging, when you have to do the acquisition of next projects by yourself.

ACA was founded by independent consultants some years ago. We thought, it is much easier to get new customers and projects by sharing our connections, our costs, our office, our assistants and so forth. First, everybody had to make a buy-in and invest into the new company. Today, the company has quite a value, but it is still possible to become a co-owner and partner of ACA. The starting point and entry-level is a "Member". Below some advantages:

  • Best of 2 Worlds: you can stay independently, but at the same time you can profit from the benefits of ACA
  • At a certain achieved level, ACA members will get a base salary for the time, they do not have project work.
  • An international customer network with experienced people in order to acquire next projects for you!
  • A possibility to become a co-owner of the company. As an associate partner, you can buy your first stock options.
  • From ACA Members to ACA Partners, all have to follow the same rules and have to acquire their projects. So, we have a very flat hierarchy, but similar organisational model like large companies.

Our first level or entry level is a "Member". 

  • ACA members will be preferred in our projects
  • ACA members are part of Active Sales processes
  • Get a reduced tickets for customer events
  • Get a free ticket for internal events (Quarterlies, Parties)
  • Receive a Newsletter before all others about planned services, productsorspin-offs (start-up’s)
  • Get free of costs Webinars from our portfolio
  • Get an ACA e-mail address
  • Login for in-future protected, internal Web-Services like our new Portal !
  • Become a Premium Member, a Navigator or an Ambassador !
  • Become a Junior Partner 

Disclaimer: listed benefits above are subject to change - there is no warranty


Support us in helping Refugees - we need new laptops or tablets


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Jobs for people from Ukraine

We want to support Ukraine refugees in Europe by onboarding up to 50 students and young IT professionals over next years in order to give them a new perspective. These are jobs, which you could also continue, after you go back to your home country. If you want, you can become also a part-time or full-time employee of ACA after a while. Or why not a partner and shareholder ??


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