Process Mining

Process Mining

"Process mining is a part of data science, fueled by the availability of data and the desire to improve processes. Process mining techniques use data to show what people, machines, and organizations are doing. Process mining provides insights that can be used to identify the executional path taken by operational processes and address their performance and compliance problems." (Source: Wikipedia)

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Find inefficiencies in your processes and ways how to improve´em without spending millions of dollars.   

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We show you how it works by using structured assets, videos and editing capabilities from Celonis

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What is an Execution Managing  System? Celonis addresses every process, every system and every department.

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What is Process Mining ......

Process mining starts from so called event data. Input for process mining is an event log. An event log views a process from a particular angle. Each event in the log should contain a unique identifier for a particular process instance, an activity (description of the event that is occurring), and a timestamp.

In the meanwhile, there are numerous of companies, offering process mining tools or services. Our choice is Celonis. We are proud to be in the Partner of Celonis since October 2021. We help our customers to get out most of their SAP S/4 and Salesforce implementations.

In most companies, consulting companies spend millions of dollars for consulting companies to analyze their business processes first, before moving e.g. from the old ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA. In many cases, this evaluation is nothing new for the business departments, but necessary for the consulting companies to understand the business. Actually, the consulting company should pay for this services, since hundreds of hours needed to be spent by the business as well. 

Celonis software is automating this process and is able to drastically shorten the process to a) get familiar with the company processes and b) to find so called Execution Gaps.

Need help for a Project Manager or PMO assistent ?

At the beginning of the new digital age, project management already sounds frumpy and from an ancient time. But the reality is, without it, also the digital age will not work ...

Your competitive advantage

Market Intelligent Solution

With Celonis EMS, you can create & market your intelligent solutions, designed to address specific business challenges. The new Celonis Studio allows you to easily convert your domain expertise into execution applications (source: Celonis)

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Enterprise Cloud Offering

With Celonis EMS, you can extend and enrich your cloud offerings. The integration of Celonis EMS is essential to drive execution capacity across multiple systems, applications, and clouds. (source: Celonis)


Data Driven Services

To lift execution across all 5 disciplines of execution management: from analyzing & understanding the business, to strategizing how it actually should run, to managing & monitoring the change top-down (source: Celonis).

From C4C+ to C4C+ Execution

C4C+ allows us to start incorporating Celonis into your projects for in a demo system. ACA can easily set up a dedicated Celonis environment for your project to realize the benefits of Process Mining in our project. Once everything is ready to share, the built dashboards and capabilities, we will upgrade the C4C+ environment to C4C+ Execution. This enables us to invite our client to the environment and to unlock the full potential of the EMS for our customers, as these environments can run for as long as your projects do, and can be used by clients in an operational setting.

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Together with experts from Celonis, we show you a demo how the system works. This can be done remotely from your office. Do not hesitate to contact us .....

From Data Mining to Process Mining

Celonis Execution Mmgt.

Just as data mining is a discipline of spotting patterns and anomalies in large data streams, Process Mining applies exactly this approach to processes. Combined with Celonis machine learning and process automation capabilities, you’re finally able to execute your processes at full capacity using the Celonis Execution Management System. 

Every Consultant has 15+ years process experience