Trust must be earned

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Project Management for all Industries

Our project and program managers are all 20 years and more in business. We carried our projects up to 40 Mio CHF in volume and around the globe.

Our projects managers are working also internationally and carried out projects in U.S., Japan, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and many other countries. Our regional focus is currently Europe and  Mid East (UAE).

Our program managers are certified in most relevant methodologies like:

  •  PMI
  •  IPMA 
  •  Prince2 
  •  Hermes 5
  •  Scrum
  •  Agile
  •  Activate (SAP)
  •  others 

Please note, that each methodology has its own copyright © .

Digital Projects needs to have some specific attention on certain elements, but overall, a good project methodology is more important than ever.

The art in a project is to choose the right mix of methodology for a global project, e.g. a hybrid combination of a waterfall method and an agile method...