our Digital Projects


Our Digital Projects

Energy Saving with IoT

Pipleline Leak Detector

Also with our partner Netico, we offer a pipeline leak detector for oil pipelines, water pipelines or in general fluids.

For a company in Mid-East, we are developing currently additional tools to improve the quality and efficieny of their pipeline business.

We are using specific IoT tools to detect certain leaks in order to avoid monetary losses and to prevent a pollution of the environment.


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Together with our partner Netico, we offer IoT devices, which measure the performance of pumps from large air condinitiong systems, water pipelines or hydro-electric power stations and give recommendations, which are necessary, to optimize the pump.

The solution offers also a monitoring tool, which is cloud-based and developed by highest standards.

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eHealth / mHealth

This is about human health and it is preemptive diagnostics, using nano technology in future and today the full potential of current digital innovations like IoT, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, ....

Blood tests would be made at home in case the patient is too old, too sick or too frail to go to the doctor. The data is sent encrypted (RSA, Digital Twin, Blockchain) to the clinic, where they can analyse the blood and decide about next steps....

This is a solution for sparsely populated areas like Africa, Australia, Sibiria or Alaska.

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Save Earth Contest - sponsored by acceleron

acceleron will launch soon a worldwide initiative to collect ideas from young people around the globe. The best idea will be rewarded and a university or computer program will be paid. Hopefully, we can also win other sponsors in order to offer more price money to more young talents....


Due to the Corona pandemic, we need to wait with this initiative until the crisis is over and things are going to stabilize again. Approximate start is autumn 2022.

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How to save the planet ?

We believe, the solution does not lie in more and more bans, but rather in smart, digital innovations ...

Ocean Hoover

Our biggest, and most ambitious project for the next years. A completely new way to clean-up oceans from garbage and plastic with a significant better efficiency by using IoT devices, Satellite Navigation and old vessels from a fishing fleet.

We ask you for your understanding, that this is kept under tight wraps until we publish it in the news.

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