Digital Transition

                   Your Digital Journey

The new digital age will come noiseless, but massive like a tsunami. It will force certain companies to change their business model in order to survive in the market. acceleron focuses on most relevant digital services and solutions, which will influence your business significantly, e.g. the agile introduction of SAP S/4 ©. Our Business Intelligence consultants have an average work experience of 15 years. Our additional focus is on new technologies like Blockchain, Cyber Security, Analytics & AI and Cloud, especially the combination of SAP Analytics © with Open Source solutions like Hadoop. acceleron can also help you to carry out sophisticated comparisons between today's available solutions

We support you in defining a new digital business model, which will help your company to overcome future challenges in the digital age.

Tactical Comparison

We analyze and compare specific digital solutions for the management, depending on the digital topic of interest.

If CRM is the tool you want to implement, we compare e.g. SAP C/4 © with Salesforce © and develope a qualitative & quantitative result for you. Learn more ....

CDO in a Nutshell

To become a CDO, requires in most cases a good academic background - beside a long-time professional experience. But an academic study takes a lot of time, which is usually not available. In cooperation with lecturers of well-known univesities, we have developed a crash course in just  3 - 4 hours, which shows you most relevant topics, a CDO must consider for his or her digital career. Learn more ...

Digital Innovation

How to develope successful products in the age of Digitalization? How to be sure, that the new product will be a success. Learn from other companies how they solved this challenge, e.g. a new successful product placement - and also learn from companies, which were not successful and lost a lot of money ......

Digital Transformation

"Everything, which is possible to be digitized, will be digitized !" (source: Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP)

The question therefore is, which technology is disruptive and needs to be focused on first - and what technology is just nice to have and causes more work and more costs than it is worth it. Learn more ....

Digital Business Models

Lots of classic business models failed during last twenty years and companies went bankrupt, because they missed it, to analyze the danger of disruptive technologies right in time. Look at the digital photography - or the triumphal procession of portals like facebook© or amazon©.

Business Navigator

This is about initializing the right strategy for your digital journey and the use of our Business Navigator tool.

Details about our Business Navigator will be sent only by request. Please use our contact form.